stonehaven flowers

Stonehaven Flowers 

Unwrapping Stonehaven Flowers

Stonehaven florist supply fresh flowers throughout Stonehaven. Our florist have the freshest flower with all of our flowers being imported directly to us from out floral suppliers in Holland. Our expert florists at Stonehaven flowers are arranged and then specially gift wrapped to make your order look the best it can be. Stonehaven flowers are so fresh that it often takes 48 hours for your flowers to come fully into bloom and reach their full potential meaning your flowers could last up to twice as long as everyday flowers. Stonehaven flowers recommend that when you unwrap your flowers to remove any excess greenery from your flowers, this is because if the greenery is in the water it can cause a bacteria to formulate which can have an adverse effect on your flowers.

Trimming flowers from Stonehaven Florist

Our professional florist recommend always cutting your flowers upon delivery, and cutting your flower stems diagonally to provide the largest surface area on the stem so each flower can absorb as much water as possible. Stonehaven flowers recommend trimming your flowers roughly 2cm, to keep them nice and fresh. In the past it has been advised to “smash stems” however our florist do not advise that you follow this as it can cause lasting damage to the stems and prevent the flowers from being hydrated due to the vessels in the stem being broken and therefore not absorb the water and die prematurely.

Stonehaven Flowers Arraigning

Our florist supply all of our flowers in an aqua bubble to keep them as fresh as can be, when you remove this place them into a clean vase of lukewarm water, if you don’t have a vase that is fitting for your flowers, you can contact Stonehaven flowers, we have a super selection of vases and containers for all your needs. Stonehaven flowers provide you with a care guide for your flowers and also flower food, which should be added to the water before putting your flowers in.

Stonehaven Florist displaying your Flowers

It is highly important that your flowers are kept at the right temperature, too hot can cause the flowers to wilt and die, and too cold can damage them so getting the balance right is important to fully enjoy your flowers. Stonehaven flowers recommend a temperature between 18 -22 degrees Celsius. Avoid placing your flowers in direct sunlight or too close to radiators or other heating as this will cause them to dehydrate too quickly. Another thing our florists recommend from Stonehaven Flowers that you take into consideration is not to put your flowers near any ripening fruit as they emit a gas which can affect your flowers.  

Following all these tips and tricks will mean your flowers look fantastic and you can enjoy them for even longer!